Rediscover yourself.

Peaceful yet mysterious, Posada Ingapirca is located just 300 meters away from the most important archaeological complex in Ecuador. Our lodge offers first-class services and installations and, at the same time, it is faithful to its environment. To stay at Posada Ingapirca is to revive our inca and cañari connection with the mountains. Furthermore, you’ll be able to achieve the harmony that only comes through intimate contact with nature. Get to know more about it.


Rest assured: you’ll feel comfortable in any of our rooms. Each of them offers either a heater or a chimney, hot showers, best-in-class mattresses and luxurious furnishings. Look at our options here.



Time traveling is around the corner.

Ingapirca was the Incan Empire most important settlement in Ecuador and also the Cañari’s capital city. Just some meters away from our accommodations, Ingapirca will allow you to see the world through different eyes, with another relationship to nature and with your own spirit. This is the ecuadorian Machu Picchu, and it offers a distinctive gaze at one of humankind’s most powerful civilizations.
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Ingarpirca’s surroundings offer adventures for explorers of any kind. We offer transfers to Alausi’s train station and hikes towards Culebrillas Lake. These experiences will prove hard to forget.

We take our ancestors’ gastronomical legacy and blend them with modern tecniques. Inside our kitchen, we hold the same high standards as El Jardín, one of Cuenca’s most praised gourmet restaurants. Take a look at our menu.