Posada Ingapirca is located just 300 meters aways from Ecuador’s most important archaeological complex. Our venue offers first-category services and installations, yet it remains faithful to its environment. Stay at Posada and revive the communion with mountain in which incas and cañaris lived 500 years ago. We believe, as they did, that only intimate contact with nature allows such harmony.

Just as you cross our gateways you’ll be under the shadow of quinoas, acacias and polylepis. Andes will be all around you, green at every hue. As you walk by the tangled pathways across the garden, you’ll also watch hummingbirds bursting into the treetops and free llamas playing with their offspring. Before you have bought your luggage out of the car and you’ll already have felt this mountain is just as alive as you are.


But night is falling, cold is getting here through wind. We invite you to come in. Our Posada is a 200 hundred year estate, but we have restored it to satisfy all of our guests. Every room has its own chimney or heater, hot showers and first class furnishings. We have clothed our lobbies with paintings, ornaments and traditional attires from the region. It is a place isolated from any city hustle, but it will also prove itself most comfortable and cozy.




At our Posada you will be able to enjoy yourself at our games’ room, delight at our gourmet restaurant, ride through the surroundings and explore the Inca’s Path. However, the main landmark is Ingapirca Complex, a milestone of our country’s history, located just a few steps away. Get to know more about it through this link.

We offer a rustic and luxurious experience, a sanctuary where you’ll be able to reconnect with yourself and with the world around you. Book your stay at Posada Ingapirca and assure an experience you won’t forget.